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Spirit of Aloha -The Sculpture by Lori Higgins

Life Size

2/3 Life

1/4 Life

Bronze Sizes



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The Music on this site:

Lei’ohu Ryder “Ua Lilinoe”

Kahala Mossman-Smith “Astrology”

Laurie Rohrer “Aloha Oe”

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Co-produced & solely Designed by Higgins

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Life Size Cast Bronze:

Height: approx. 38”

Height on Base: approx. 41”

Width and Length: approx: 29” x 24”

S/N Edition of 175

2/3 Life Cast Bronze:

Height: approx. 24”

Height on Base: approx. 26”

Width and Length: approx: 18” x 16”

S/N Edition of 175

Each sculpture is a Unique Limited Edition Bronze, Signed and Numbered

1/4 Life Cast Bronze:

Height: approx. 13”

Height on Base: approx. 15”

Width and Length: approx: 11” x 9”

S/N Edition of 499

Monumental Cast Bronze:

Height: approx. 39” and higher

Commission Based, One-of-a-Kind

Size: Any height above 40”

Total Edition of 50

The fine art of Lori Higgins is currently

available at the following location:

Harte International Galleries

844 Front Street

Lahaina, Maui HI 96761

Tel: (808) 661-4439   Toll Free: 1-888-747-6966

contact : Devon Harte

cell: (808) 269-4448

email: Devon@hartegalleries.com

Sizes & Editions

2/3 LifeSize “Spirit of Aloha” Bronze

New Sculpture



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