the making of the sculpture...

Lori Higgins has just published her first book on the creation process for the Spirit of Aloha

You may preview the full book below or order your own hardcover copy!

For years now, Lori Higgins had envisioned moving her creative endeavors to the three dimensional & started mastering the art of sculpting. Always loving a challenge, she chose as her first real piece, to take her dream of bringing her painting “Spirit of Aloha” to life. She began sculpting the flowers and leaves that would adorn the piece at her Maui studio & a year later, she moved to Oregon (temporarily) to work on sculpting the body at an established bronze foundry. In 2011, after years of intense sculpting, Lori signed the final clay original and the process of molding it for bronzing began. This book commemorates, in her own words, the involvement of the lost wax process & what it has taken to debut her Sculpture - The Spirit of Aloha.

Spirit of Aloha -The Sculpture by Lori Higgins

Update: In the following couple of years, Higgins re-sculpted the piece in two other sizes: a 1/4 LifeSize and in a 2/3 LifeSize.

Later, she sculpted and cast a tabletop bronze entitled: “Mau Loa” in two colors.

However, her pièce de ré·sis·tance , entitled: The Dancer has just been completed and will molded then cast in 2017.

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